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Pool Cleaning Services

When Do You Need Pool Cleaning Services?

For homeowners, a swimming pool is a great investment. It’s great for exercise, relaxation and for socializing. But for you to experience all these incredible benefits, you want to make sure that your pool is clean so that it is enjoyable for everyone. Regular pool cleaning and pool maintenance services are a great way to ensure your swimming pool is enjoyable during summer. But how often do you have to clean your pool? The simple answer is every week. This is just a general rule of thumb, but it really depends on how often you use your pool and how much dirt has accumulated.


If you are wondering when it’s time to call for pool cleaning services or pool maintenance services, here are a few signs that indicate your pool needs a deep cleaning:


Discolored Water

When your swimming pool is discolored, this is the most obvious sign that your pool is in need of pool cleaning services. If there is a hint of green, it can be due to algae growth. Cloudy water can be due to an issue with your pool filter or chemical imbalance. Either way, when your pool water is discolored, it is time to call the professionals to provide pool cleaning services.


Eye and Skin Irritation

If you are experiencing itchy skin or burning eyes when you swim, your pool can use pool maintenance services. The itchy skin and burning eyes can be due to too much chlorine or an imbalance in the chemistry of the water. If this happens, it would be wise to call a professional to test the water.



If you see dead insects in your pool, it is time to call pool maintenance services. If you don’t handle this situation right away, your pool can become a breeding ground for bacteria. 


If you are in need of pool cleaning and pool maintenance services around Louisville, KY, call Water Wizard Pro. With over 20 years of experience, we guarantee satisfaction with every job. 

Body Positivity and Equality

We promote body positivity and gender equality amongst our staff. Our primary service staff is female. We allow our technicians to choose the attire that they are comfortable working in. Most of our professionals prefer to work in swimwear. Some wear one piece or two piece swimwear, or tank tops and shorts. However if you prefer a certain attire on your premises they will comply to meet your needs.  We do not condone objectification or sexualization of any human form. 

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